The Watt Analytics System

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Meter, Software & Analysis data - the three components of the Watt Analytics System

Our Watt Analytics system consists of an electronic power meter (iWattMeter or SmartPI) and the Watt Analytics software. This tools help to analyze your individual energy behavior. Both, power consumption and analysis results are stored in the Watt Analytics Cloud. These data are always available via our Watt Analytics app or Watt Analytics platform.

Precise and device-accurate measurement

Our meters measure your power consumption in real time and are directly connected to your power supply. The high resolution as well as the single measurement of reactive power and active power enable a breakdown of the total consumption to the individual devices. In research this measurement process is called NILM (non-invasive load monitoring).

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Gain insights into your own user behavior with the Watt Analytics Software

Our intelligent software provides personal energy consumption metrics that communicate where exactly, and on what devices you can make savings. Therefore, you can identify true energy eaters and therefore determine how you can effectively lower your energy costs.

Measurement & Analysis Data

Through our Watt Analytics app or via our Watt Analytics platform, your personal user interface in the LogIn area of our homepage, you have access to all measurement data and analysis results. You can view current and historical data from the time of installation.

Would like to download your analysis data and save it externally? No problem, this is also possible via our app or via the dashboard.

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Measurement Data for Watt Analytics Partner

As a Watt Analytics partner, you can pair the Watt Analytics system with your own systems through our APIs to leverage our customers’ anonymous measurement and analytics.

The WattAnalytics System

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Measurement devices

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WattAnalytics measurement data

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How does the Watt Analytics system work?

We use time series data of U, I, P and cos (Ο†) recordings between 0.1 and 2 Hz. These are recorded separately for each phase of an electrical installation. These records show the power consumption of all connected devices in the same phase as the superimposition (sum) of the individual power consumption of each device.

We try to reconstruct and isolate individual power consumption per device using statistical methods and pattern recognition methods. In order to record the power consumption of a single device individually, the device must be manually registered and marked with the corresponding device name in our software at least three times.

You want to know more about our Watt Analytics system? Contact us via our contact form, via e-mail or by phone.