System 1 - The Watt Analytics Software

Get the free analysis software in just a few steps

Requirement: You already own an electronic power meter and would like to use our Watt Analytics software for the analysis and evaluation of your power consumption.

The Watt Analytics software is available for free! Just register and let’s go.

Your advantages

  • Analysis & optimization of your energy needs
  • Electricity and market comparison
  • Free registration at the Watt Analytics Portal
  • Free use of the Watt Analytics app
  • Free download of your analysis data

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Gain new insights into you personal energy consumption

You already own an electronic measurement device and would like to analyze your measuring data? Our software is compatible with both the iWattMeter and RasbperryPI-based devices and can therefore be quickly and easily paired with your existing SmartPI or LeChacal.

The Watt Analytics Cloud securely stores your measurement data and is always available via the Watt Analytics app or via the Watt Analytics Portal. You can access your power consumption data anytime and anywhere, download it as needed and save it externally for keeping the full cost overview.

Device-accurate measurement data

Our intelligent software recognizes and analyzes the power consumption of every individual device. The total power consumption is divided by the separate measurement of reactive and active power to all devices registered in the software according to their consumption. So you get device-accurate power consumption data and can make appropriate optimizations per device to permanently reduce your energy needs.

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Know where you stand with your power consumption

Our software provides anonymized analysis results of all users of the Watt Analytics System. These metrics allow you to compare power usage data through our app or on the Watt Analytics Portal. You can compare your total electricity consumption with similar households or businesses as well as the power consumption of your devices with the consumption of the most energy-efficient devices on the market to identify potential savings.

How the installation works

  1. Download the Watt Analytics App for Android or iOS
  2. Register your own account in the LogIn section of the Watt Analytics webpage or in the Watt Analyitcs app
  3. Connect your mobile phone and measuring device in the same WLAN network
  4. Start the Watts Analyitcs app
  5. The app finds measuring devices in the same WLAN and allows the coupling of these devices with the Watt Analytics Software

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You want to know more about our Watt Analytics system? Contact us via our contact form, via e-mail or by phone.