Our Partner Network

Together for a vision: Using electricity efficiently, to help our environment

Cooperation partner

  1. Electricians, who
    a) benefit from installing the iWattMeter.
    b) identify and replace inefficient electrical appliances using the Watt Analytics System
    c) use the Watt Analytics System for a cost-effective long-term analysis of faulty electrical installations (such as aluminum wires in very old buildings).

  2. Device manufacturers, who use Watt Analytics data to analyze the real energy consumption of their devices produced, as well as to analyze their customers’ usage behavior, to optimize device power consumption and usability.

  3. Retailers of electrical appliances, who receive customer recommendations from Watt Analytics.

  4. PV vendors and vendors, selling the iWattMeter who receive sales contacts from Watt Analytics.

  5. Research: Gain access to annotated measurement data to develop new analysis methods and algorithms

  6. Development: Developers and Marketers for apps and algorithms that use and extend the Watt Analytics System

  7. Smart home providers:
    a) Integration with the Watt Analytics System to expand their own product offering for device-accurate power consumption data and solar production data
    b) Coupling of the Watt Analytics system with home automation systems to optimize the energy control of individual consumers

  8. Generators & network operators: The Watt Analytics System could be an interesting addition for existing electricity customers who want to analyze their energy consumption per single device.

  9. Online comparison portals for power consumption, who want to offer an additional analytical tool to their site visitors, to give new insights for optimizing power consumption and achieve long-term energy cost savings with the Watt Analytics software.

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