The intelligent, electronic electricity meter

iWattMeter & SmartPI

Our measuring instruments score with highest measuring accuracy

  • Precise measurement data
  • High frequency
  • Distinct detection of active and reactive power
  • Free download of Watt Analytics software

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Your advantages:

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Exact measurement data

Amplitude: deviation or measurement error less than 1% Phase shift: Our quality feature is the distinct measurement of reactive and active power.
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Cost advantage

Attractive package price for your meter, installation and software. Often, the acquisition and installation costs exceed the cost savings. The acquisition costs pay off, depending on your energy saving potential, after approx. 2-5 years.
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Fast commissioning

The first measured values are already available after a few hours after commissioning of the measuring device.
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To the second measuring

Our meters measure your energy consumption 2x per second. This eliminates any confounding factors in the measurement and gives you accurate readings.
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Analysis software included

The package price includes our intelligent Watt Analytics software.
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Installation service

Use our partner network. Choose the certified partner electrician in your area from our database. With the purchase of the installation service via our homepage there are no additional costs.

Our measurement devices inaugurate the a new generation of current meters.

Our meters are intelligent, electronic power meters that record your current power consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Therefore, you get your total power consumption in real time and to the second.

To get device-accurate power consumption analysis in addition to your total power consumption, you need the Watt Analytics software.

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Device-accurate measurement data with the Watt Analytics software

The iWattMeter or the SmartPI provide insights into your total power consumption. A device-accurate measurement or the exact power consumption per device can only be recorded in combination with the Watt Analytics software. Our software records your measurement data according to the devices registered and assigns the individual power consumption measurements to the devices. This allows full cost control for each device.

Free Download

When purchasing the iWattMeter via our homepage, the Watt Analytics software is available for download free of charge.

Learn more about the Watt Analytics software link to the Software page

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Exact Measurement Data

Highest measuring accuracy. Our measurement devices record the total power consumption 2 times per second and therefore provide accurate measurement data with an amplitude (deviation or measurement error) of <1%.

Measurement of the phase shift: By measuring the reactive and active power separately, our measuring instruments enable precise measurement data of the devices registered in the software. With this measurement method, the total power consumption can be assigned exactly to the individual devices. You get device-accurate power consumption data and can make appropriate optimizations per device to permanently reduce your energy requirements.

The iWattMeter

The iWattMeter provides precise measurements of power consumption in every home and business and is available at an attractive price that ensures a quick payback on the purchase price. For details see System 2.


  • Measures electronic alternative current energy in 50 Hz or 60 Hz networks using current transformers.
  • Supports current measurements up to 100A and voltage measurement from 110V to 400V.
  • Supports standards EN 50470-1, EN 50470-3, IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-22 and IEC 62053-23
  • Compatible with 3-phase, 3 or 4-wire meters (Delta or Wye) and other 3-phase services
  • Provides the total (fundamental and harmonic) active, reactive, apparent and basic effective / reactive energy in each phase and in the whole system
  • Detects phase order
  • Collects high-precision real-time properties with 1% error (typical) in active and reactive energy over a dynamic range of 3000 to 1 at TA = 25 °C
  • Sends the measured characteristics at least 2 times per second to the cloud broker using the MQTT protocol
  • Connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi
  • Setup via iPhone or Android app
  • Can be installed on the DIN rail, as it corresponds to the size of the circuit breaker

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The SmartPI - your smart energy meter

Draw the maximum benefit from your self-produced electricity

For whom is the SmartPI interesting?

Do you own a PV plant for the production of own electricity? Do you consume night electricity for your electric heater or your water boiler? The SmartPI is the optimal meter for households and businesses that produce individual current, e.g. via a PV system, and want to make optimum use of the self-produced electricity.

Currently, the SmartPI can only be applied via the manufacturer’s webpage at

The SmartPI is equipped with built-in software that controls and records only total power consumption and total power generation. So the SmartPI already provides the first basis for energy saving measures. The measured data is made available via the existing software in the local network. For device-specific acquisition with the SmartPI you additionally need the Watt Analytics software.

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Deeper insights with the Watt Analytics Software

To accurately optimize and control your energy consumption of each single device, you need the free Watt Analytics software that is compatible with iWattMeter and SmartPI based measurement devices.

Only in combination with our software, you will get concrete power consumption analyzes of each single device, this will enable you to get the most out of your self-generated energy, e.g. from your PV system.

Your Benefits with Watt Analytics Software:

  • Accurate analysis for each single device
  • Integration with Fronius PV system for reading out the solar power production

Installation Service

Buchen Sie die Installation Ihres Messgeräts gleich mit!

For the fixed price of € 99 you can book on request the installation and commissioning of your meter via our homepage. The installation is carried out by one of our partner electricians. Please contact your selected electrician personally to arrange an installation appointment. There are no additional costs for installation and journeying.

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