Measured data

Our Watt Analytics system records extensive measurement data that can be used effectively in a wide variety of areas and by different stakeholders. The measurement data is displayed in a detailed view on the Watt Analytics platform or in the Watt Analytics app. The power consumption can be displayed within an easily selectable period. A download of the measured data is possible as CSV file.

Which measurement data is collected?

  • Active power in watts of phases 1, 2 and 3
  • Reactive power in VAR of phases 1, 2 and 3
  • Solar production in watts
  • All entered markings of each device’s switching operations
  • All descriptions of each device recorded in the software

graph data measurement watt analytics

solar data measurement watt analytics

app-screen data measurement watt analytics

Visualization on the Dashboard

  • Free selection of the displayed period using the zoom function
  • Automatic update of the visualization, e.g. every 30 seconds
  • Detected devices with date and time
  • Total consumption in kWh in the selected period
  • Sum of consumption of all registered devices in the software
  • Measurement data per device, such as
    • Number of times the device was turned on
    • Power consumption in watts
    • Consumption per device in Wh
    • Proportionate power consumption in percent

Precise Data Collection

The Watt Analytics system measures the total power consumption two times per second with a sampling rate of ≀ 1 hz and thus provides exact measurement data with an amplitude (deviation or measurement error) of <1%.

The measurement data is assessed graphically using a line and bar chart.

All measurement and analysis data are stored in our database every second and are available for download on the Watt Analytics platform or in the Watt Analytics app.

rawpixel data measurement watt analytics
power analyzer mid data measurement watt analytics

Device-accurate Measurement Data

Our intelligent software recognizes and analyzes the power consumption of individual devices. The total power consumption is divided by the distinct measurement of reactive and active power to all devices registered in the software according to consumption. Thus, you obtain a device-accurate power consumption data and can make appropriate optimizations per device to permanently reduce your energy needs.

Interfaces for Watt Analytics customers

The Watt Analytics System is featuring interfaces that allow the integration of the measurement data into your own analysis software as well as the evaluation with your own analysis tools.

For our customers, real-time monitoring as well as the analysis of historical data is available in the user-friendly Watt Analytics App and the Watt Analytics portal.

software measurement watt analytics
vision data measurement watt analytics

Interfaces for Watt Analytics Partners

For the integration with other systems, residual APIs and MQTT APIs are available, which allow both measurement data and analysis results to be integrated into the Watt Analytics Cloud and to access the data stored in the Watt Analytics system.

Scope of application & interest groups

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