The WattAnalytics Software

Your advantages:

  • Optimization of power consumption
  • Clear cost control & cost comparison
  • Quick identification of individual consumers or devices
  • Accurate allocation of the power consumption of each individual device
  • Comparison of individual consumption with average consumption
  • Optimization of individual electricity consumption (PV plant)
  • Fast commissioning and short learning phase of the software

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Optimize energy behavior and save electricity costs

With the Watt Analytics software you can effortlessly and quickly analyze and optimize your own personal energy behavior. This gives you full cost control over your energy needs. The special feature of our software is that the power consumption of each individual device can be accurately assigned. With the assistance of these accurate metrics you can gain insights into how energy efficient your devices really are.

Device-specific energy management

Our software allows you to break down total power consumption in the software registered devices, from just one meter.

First each device must be manually registered in the software. After registering, our software can detect the individual “fingerprint” of each device, this allows you to accurately measure and analyze each device usage.

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Save & download your consumption data

The Watt Analytics Cloud securely stores your measurement data. Furthermore, the data is always accessible via the Watt Analytics app or via the Watt Analytics platform. You can access your power consumption data anytime and anywhere, download it as needed and save it externally, keeping the full cost overview.

Gain more insight with comparison values

Do you know how high your energy consumption is compared to other households or companies? Or do you want to know if your electrical appliances are energy efficient?

Based on our comprehensive analysis data, the Watt Analytics software can compare your individual energy behavior with the average energy behavior of a similar household or company and thus show all potential savings. The potential savings are displayed in kilowatt hours as well as monetary value which allows you to gain an optimal cost comparison of your energy expenditure.

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Abilities and limits of device detection

The distinction of individual devices is only possible if they differ in their active and / or reactive power or if they differ according to their time course of energy consumption. For example, two identical bulbs with the same wattage located in different rooms cannot be distinguished however are identified as one and the same consumer.

Our system registers devices from a power as low as 5 watts. Often, however, there are many devices with power less than 30 watts installed, these are usually not distinguishable by our system. For example LED bulbs, cell phone power supplies, standby TV, etc. However, these devices do not make a significant contribution to total energy consumption.

Interfaces for Watt Analytics customers

The Watt Analytics System features interfaces that allow the integration of the measurement data into your own analysis software. As well as the evaluation with your own analysis tools.

For our customers, real-time monitoring as well as the analysis of historical data is available in the user-friendly Watt Analytics App and the Watt Analytics portal.

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Interfaces for Watt Analytics Partners

Integration with other systems, residual APIs and MQTT APIs are available, this allow both measurement data and analysis results to be integrated into the Watt Analytics Cloud and to access the data stored in the Watt Analytics system.

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