Optimize your energy consumption and reduce electricity costs, to help the environment.

Control how you use energy and keep track of your personal energy consumption.

The Watt Analytics System

Do you know how much energy you use compared to other households or companies? Have you ever wondered how much energy you actually save with an energy-saving program? Would you like to know if your electrical appliances are energy-efficient? And do you know your personal energy saving potential and the money that you can save?

Our Watt Analytics system gives you the answers.

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A system with effect

The intelligent Watt Analytics system measures your energy consumption in real time and as well as for each individual device. The metrics are always available in our easy-to-use Watt Analytics app and on the Watt Analytics Platform, your personal interface.

The use of the Watt Analytics System requires no prior technical knowledge.

Device-specific energy management

Measure the power consumption per device.

Thanks to our intelligent Watt Analytics Software, you get all your measurement data for every single device. Thus, you can compare the power consumption of different programs on a single device, e.g. compare the individual washing programs of your washing machine.

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A system with advantages

feature3 energy consumption watt analytics

Analyze & optimize your energy consumption

With our measurement devices and the Watt Analytics software you can analyze your personal energy behavior and make it measurable.
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Lower energy costs

Detect your power guzzlers and make use of all potential savings to permanently reduce your energy costs by 10% to 20%.
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Device-accurate measurement

Our system can analyze and measure the power consumption of each individual device. This allows you to optimize your energy consumption efficiently on every device .
stopwatch energy consumption watt analytics

Real-time data to the second

Our measurement devices measure your current energy consumption 2x per second. Thus, you get accurate second-to-second and exact measurement data, excluding any interfering factors.
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User friendly operation

Whether via your mobile phone, on the desktop of your PC or on a laptop or tablet, the measured data can be conveniently viewed via our Watt Analytics app or via the Watt Analytics Platform. There is no technical expertise needed.
linear meter energy consumption watt analytics

Exact measurement data

Our system measures the reactive and active power separately with an amplitude (measurement error) of <1%.
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Optimize your power consumption of your self-generated energy

Do you own a PV system and would like to optimize your own electricity? Get the most out of your self-generated energy (e.g. PV system) and save money.

The Watt Analytics System – clear and easy to use

Data does not lie. Only through knowing your personal energy consumption, do potential savings become visible. How does it work? Very easily!

  1. Install the Watt Analytics System
  2. Analyze your energy consumption
  3. Optimize your energy behavior
  4. Save energy costs between 10% and 20%

Watt Analytics Partner

Become a cooperation partner

As a Watt Analytics partner you can pair the Watt Analytics system with your own systems through our APIs to leverage our customers’ anonymous measurement and analytics for your business.

You want to know more about our Watt Analytics system? Contact us via our contact form, via e-mail or by phone.